About Us

Sustaining the Planet Through Innovation

Our vision is to create a place where, 20 years in the future, our children can walk outside and breathe in clean air, and where biodiversity is still thriving both on land and sea. This is an inexpensive and effective solution to the pressing problem of carbon capture, which has been looked at as sci-fi for far too long now - with Cequest, we want to bring the concept to a broad scale reality.

From our large-scale plant, we will be able to sequester approximately 8.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to the amount sequestered by 380,000 trees over the same period. The cost per tonne at this stage will drop to around $32 per tonne of CO2 removed (assuming selling hydrogen gas at the cheapest rate on the market), making this technology half the cost of the theoretical cost of other carbon capture solutions such as BECCS that are not nearly as scalable (estimated max CO2 removal at 1.5 Gt by 2050).


Cequest was started out of a TKS Moonshot Hackathon by ambitious teenagers looking to solve global problems.
Devinder Sarai

Devinder is a driven student focused on tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. Projects he’s worked on include household food waste, real-time emotion recognition, and now Cequest. Apart from extensively volunteering, Devinder enjoys running, playing the piano, reading, and flying planes in his spare time.

Naila Moloo

Naila is passionate about the energy sector. She’s worked on creating a transparent and flexible solar cell, a solar sailed fusion propelled rocket, and a browser extension to help consumers shop sustainably. She is also the author of “Chronicles of Illusions: The Blue Wild”, plays competitive badminton, and is an oboist!

Sophia Moloo

Sophia is passionate about using piezoelectricity for biomedical purposes such as self-implantable devices, wearables, and sensors. She has worked on using nanotechnology and AI for an oil spill clean up system, creating a smart shoe with piezoelectricity using footsteps to power a phone, and decreasing household food waste through a consumer app.

Kristina Arezina

Kristina is excited about health and technology especially when the two are used together. She is a software developer and machine learning enthusiast. She has worked on several consulting challenges including one for the United Nations and Acadium. Now she is working on carbon-capturing to create a better tomorrow with Cequest.

Our Values

Cequest believes that our strong values create a deep sense of purpose that drives people to do their best work with the people that make our company great.

Forward Thinking

With every decision, we strive for forward thinking. We plan and work to toward the future we desire.

Focus on Impact

We want to impact as many people as possible, and eventually, all 7 billion people in the world.


We work hard to tell our customers everything about our products and methods in order to gain their trust.